EMA Acrylic Monomer 8oz


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Product Description

Monomer 8oz EMA

One of the most important things is to select the correct monomer well, since this would save us a lot of work and unnecessary problems, The Joicy Nails Monomer is the best in the American market, since it is manufactured in the United States, endorsed by the FDA and has the correct chemical formula.

Why EMA is Way Better than MMA

MMA acrylic is unsafe for both the nail and the skin around the nails.

  • When used during a nail service, it can turn your natural nails yellow and also result in air blockage, irritation, and numbness around the nail and the surrounding skin. EMA acrylic does not induce such reactions in any way, which is why it is considered the safer option.
  • MMA acrylic induces different responses in different individuals. For instance, one individual whose nails have been enhanced using MMA acrylic may experience nail tightness and mild swelling. For some, it could be irritation, dizziness or light-headedness. Whichever is the case, no nail enhancement procedure should hurt before, during, and after the service. Users of EMA acrylic have had no reason to give such complaints because the monomer doesn’t stimulate such reactions.
  • MMA acrylic is a powerful monomer that can cause natural nails to break off unceremoniously, resulting in rapid infections. The molecules of MMA monomers are much smaller than EMA monomers and can even penetrate unbroken skin without any hindrance whatsoever. The particles then transform themselves and are stored in the human body – precisely in the urine and blood – as methanol. This brings about the permanent destruction of the nail matrix. EMA acrylic can be used safely without any health hazard which is why most reputable salons today prefer it instead of its dangerous counterpart.